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Big Sur is a beautiful road along the coast of the Pacific ocean in California, U.S. West coast, in length a hundred miles (160 km) needs no introduction. Anyone who has been to these places, of course, tells what spectacular were the views from the car window. All here ride in convertibles and enjoy the sun and ocean. And actually talking more about. Have to go and see the beauty of the Pacific coast with my own eyes.

Big Sur in the USA

Just imagine — 160 km beauty, which is breathtaking! Mountains, hills, forests, cliffs, bays, birds and animals on the shore, waves lapping! All this divine landscape until recently was unavailable to the human eye. The Spaniards looked at him, sailing on ships. And only in the 30th of XX century, the Americans built their now famous highway 1, bridges, and linked the Northern and southern California.

Basic information

Name Big Sur (Big Sur), Big Sur
Where is On the Pacific ocean in Central California, USA
What is The scenic, sparsely populated area, which is a narrow elongated area of land on the coast of the Pacific ocean between the coastline and mountain range of Santa Lucia, beginning immediately off the coast. Big Sur has no fixed boundaries, it is therefore considered that it stretches for 145 km along the coastline between the Carmel river and the Bay of San Capofaro, and comes to a distance of 30 miles inland
GPS coordinates 36° 6′ 27″ N, 121° 37′ 33″ W 36.1075°, -121.625833°
The main attractions Scenic highway No. 1, construction of which was completed in mid-1940-ies; On the road there are a lot of viewpoints, which offers beautiful views of nature, mountains and ocean; Expensive restaurants and hotels with a long history; Bixby Bridge; the Picturesque Bay; haiku along the ocean and in the mountains; a Waterfall McVeigh; Several parks of California
The number of tourists per year 3 to 4 million people
In the literature Jack Kerouac – big Sur (novel)
Interesting Popular place to travel in the warm season on an open-top car (convertible). It is believed that a more convenient direction – from North to South, it’s easier to make stops in beautiful places coastal line of the Pacific ocean


Great land to the South in California

So, the great land to the South (El Pais Grande del Sur) , called the road and the area along the coast of the Spanish missionaries of Carmel. For them, the big Sur lay to the South, but on the contrary, we moved to the North, but the assessment of the European settlers completely agree. Robert Louis Stevenson considered this place “the greatest meeting of ocean and land”. Under this statement we’re ready, too modest to put their names.

Along the way you will meet big towns, is that private ranch of those lucky ones who lives here. It is almost uninhabited land in the center of an advanced civilization. Not a miracle is it? So no doubt that if was in California, on the first track pass must! And we, of course, tempted by this opportunity.

How to get

Like many sights of the Pacific coast, big Sur is also located on route 1 from Los Angeles to San Francisco. From San Simeon to the city of Monterey lies this beautiful land that so delights tourists.

If you go through big Sur and stop at all viewpoint, and the day will not enough to see everything! On the coast there are numerous parks that are also worth considering. Of course, big Sur is worth it to drive these serpentine roads in both directions, and times. And better in different weather. We were lucky that we were able to watch this stretch of coast in a changing environment.

But since we were in a hurry and were in a long hike with a tent, we did not have time to pay attention to all the attractions of the road. leaving in the morning from San Luis Obispo, we managed to visit the Ghost Morro Rock, saw the sea lions in San Simeon, enjoyed the view of the waterfall in the Bay of McVeigh in the Park, Julia Pfeiffer burns, and then our way led us in Carmelo and Monterey where we drove the famous 17-mile road.

But if you travel only in California, it is possible to spend on the coast all day. Or stay in parks with a tent and dedicate this site much longer. Why not?

All the attractions of Big Sur on the map

But what to do, driving through big Sure:

  • San Simeon point — a chance to see seals;
  • Ventana wilderness — this area is accessible only to experienced hikers;
  • Julia Pfeiffer Burns state park and the famous Bay and waterfall McVeigh;
  • Andrew Molera state park — a huge amount of trail and a beautiful beach;
  • Point Sur Lighthouse — the lighthouse running automatically since 1974;
  • Bixby creek bridge, a charming bridge and magnificent views of the ocean;
  • Point Lobos state reserve — a place where cypress trees grow.

The sights on the map of big Sur

Our journey through big Sur

However, I would add that we were lucky to see two of big sur. The weather changed dramatically during our trip. First, we saw a cloudy version of the Pacific coast, and then in the blink of an eye the sun crept from behind the clouds, the wind had blown all the clouds, and the picture before our eyes was unrecognizable.

Pacific coast in cloudy weather

Let’s start with the morning and mystical big sur. Neither fog nor clouds obscure the beauty could not. And we enjoyed this trip, looking from the Windows of our car types big sur. A couple of times we stayed,went to some trail, I can’t even remember its name. The place is popular, as it was well-equipped for Parking and picnics. We went to the ocean, some lovely coves and the beach, looking at nature, enjoying the moment of togetherness with her.

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